Super Icon’s Picks for November

Welcome to the first monthly digest of our weekly picks.

Here you’ll find some of our favourite horror books and movies (in advance of our horror game – Hell House – which we are currently developing), retro games and Unity asset store packs. These aren’t full reviews – just Twitter friendly recommendations.

We have 3 sets of picks this month – looks like we missed a week :)

Week 1

Horror Book of the Week

The Resort by Bentley Little

Link: Amazon US

Superb read – the ordinary becomes increasingly sinister with some great messed up moments.

Horror Movie of the Week



Link: IMDB

A unique movie with some amazing OTT moments. One for the jaded horror fan – you have to see it uncut though!

Retro Game of the Week


The arcade game that wowed me more than any other. I dreamed of a decent home version!

Asset Store Pick

Realistic Effects Pack 1&2

Link: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/16345

The best particle effects I’ve seen so far on the Asset Store. Brilliantly done.

Week 2

Horror Book of the Week

The Keep by F.Paul Wilson

Link: http://www.repairmanjack.com/forum/content.php?49-The-Keep

Superb page turner and the first in the Adversary Cycle series of books. Be sure to read the Repairman Jack series too, which are intertwined with the Adversary Cycle. I read them all last summer, back-to-back, and they are pretty much my favourite series of horror books.

The Keep was also adapted into a movie by Michael Mann in 1983, it is nothing like the book, but is enjoyable as an 80s music video style movie (all fog shrouded visuals and synth atmosphere) :)

Horror Movie of the Week

Switchblade Romance (AKA High Tension)


Link: IMDB
French horror movie with serious attitude! If you haven’t seen it, you HAVE to watch it – you can thank us later :) Brilliant, brutal and we love the twist.

Retro Game of the Week

I sank so many hours into the C64 version of Gauntlet. Although the arcade version is a fair bit better, I have very fond memories of my C64 version…

Asset Store Pick

Modular SciFi City

Link: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/21075

One of our own packs – if you need a cool sci-fi city for your game, this is a good place to start!

Week 3

Horror Book of the Week

Phantoms by Dean Koontz


Link: Amazon US

So far the only Dean Koontz book I have read, but it was a good un! Great characters, great scenes and scares – grips you from beginning to end.

Horror Movie of the Week



Link: IMDB

I wasn’t actually that keen on Ross Noble as a comedian, but I loved Stitches, and he actually grew on me as a result. (Un)Interesting fact: I used to live where this was filmed –  Enniskerry in Ireland, beautiful place. Stitches is a great comedy horror with some great death scenes – if you aren’t scared of clowns now, you will be after this.

Retro Game of the Week

One of my favourite C64 games, and one of the games that has influenced Vektor Wars. Andy Braybrook’s finest – blast robots, transfer into bigger robots and use their enhanced weaponry and greater speed. Includes a brilliant mini-game where you take over another robot by joining circuits. A classic in every way…

Asset Store Pick

Advanced PlayerPrefs Window

Link: http://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/7070

Incredibly useful plugin to view and edit the PlayerPrefs in real-time. We use this on all of our projects, an essential purchase for all Unity developers.

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Rediscover Your Youth – Time Travel Back Through Gaming History With Life Of Pixel!

News Release

12th November 2014 – For Immediate Release

Super Icon Limited

Rediscover Your Youth – Time Travel Back Through Gaming History With Life Of Pixel!  

We are excited to have completed a major update for Life of Pixel on Steam it now includes your requests including more Achievements, Trading Cards and Full Controller Support.

Stunning to look at, exciting to play, your journey enjoying and exploring classic gaming machines will challenge your platforming skills from an era you may remember!  Life of Pixel brings to Steam that classic gaming feeling which will leave you warm inside, wanting to discover more of that retro gaming joy.


Full details of the update Version 1.12:

  • Addition of 3 ‘Hard Core Achievements’
  • Beautifully designed Trading Cards
  • Controller support improved, including fixing issues with configuring Xbox controller, now possible to map Xbox’s D-Pad. This will have fixed issues with other controllers too.
  • Controller buttons, such as Start, can now be assigned to bring up pause menu.
  • Assigning an analogue control to a digital input gives the analogue control a digital response
  • Optional camera filter effects added, selectable from the Options and Pause menus
  • Jump now allowed after falling/sliding off ledge
  • Temporary invincibility added after being hit by an enemy
  • Machine intro information now displayed when completing a machine and being automatically taken to the next without having to go back to the menus
  • Added information about double jumps to initial instructions
  • Machine descriptions updated to include some missing processor speeds
  • Some other minor bug fixes


Life of Pixel is an epic platform adventure game, with challenging gameplay, fun characters, stunning 8 & 16-bit graphics and a lot of heart.  It will show you the coolness of video gaming and the history of where it all began and how it evolved.

Press Kit              www.lifeofpixel.co.uk/press/

Steam Link          http://store.steampowered.com/app/327260/

About Super Icon

Super Icon – London based creative indie game developer.  Passionate about making great games; games you will enjoy playing, original unique ideas with cool gameplay and awesome graphics.  Our heart is in our games.

The Super Icon team has over 20 years industry experience and have developed and released in excess of 30 games for a number of platforms including PSVita, PSP, PS2, Wii, iOS, KindleFire, Android, Mac and PC.


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