Best Buds vs. Bad Guys

Out Now for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Best Buds VS Bad Guys is an ultra-explosive run ’n’ gun featuring two best buds, a lot of heavy weaponry, and bucket-loads of evil bad guys to destroy!

Team up and battle the foul creations of Doctor Jushaan’s twisted genius and escape from his digital prison dimension. Travel to 11 different worlds, all presented in classic 16-bit style, with a catchy chip-tune soundtrack and lots of OTT weapons — from the lowly pistol to the ground-shaking, grandma-terrifying Mega Missile!

The Concept
Sometimes the ideas for the most addictive games don't come from traditional sources, like brainstorming meetings of development teams. Instead, they just pop up organically. That is the case with the upcoming arcade style run ’n’ gun shooter, Best Buds vs. Bad Guys, the brainchild of a game designer and his son, Lucas.

They are each other’s “best buds”, and wondered how much fun it would be to base a game around teamwork to battle bad guys in a virtual world. A game about good over evil and about friendship, overcoming difficulties, and kicking bad-guy butt!


Official Trailer #1: Download

Game Features

  • Beautifully pixelated 16-bit Arcade machine style, with plenty of modern touches including detailed background animation, multi-layered parallax backgrounds, weather and special effects and evolved game design.
  • Gigantic evil bosses and over 100 varied enemies to fight, many fresh from the imagination of a ten-year-old boy.
  • Replay the game with a whole new level of challenge in REPLAY+ mode.
  • Lots of options, including fully configurable controls.
  • Narrative feedback throughout the game, with a fun and humorous script.
  • Look out for the many special areas and hidden collectibles.
  • Since this is a Super Icon game, there are plenty of references to classic games, such as Ghosts ’n Goblins, Green Beret, Bionic Commando, Black Tiger, and loads more!