Vektor Wars Alpha Testing

Super Icon is looking for Alpha testers for Vektor Wars. Vektor Wars is a retro-themed FPS rendered in glorious 80s action movie style glowing vectors. An action packed tribute to classic Arcade blasters such as Battlezone, Bezerk & Robotron! We Need Testers to Make It Great! If you have some time and would like to […]


Introducing our first Unity Asset Store pack! The LowPoly CITY PACK is a 3D building pack featuring 50 unique buildings, with an average polygon count of 500. Building types include skyscrapers, apartment buildings, office blocks, shops, cafes & restaurants, warehouses and mixed-use buildings. Pack includes 50 unique low poly buildings, plus bonus items including a tollbooth, […]

Life of Pixel – Update Diary

This post will be continually updated over the coming weeks with details on how Life of Pixel is progressing. It is all up and running in Unity now, all 8-bit levels are done and working – we just have to tweak a few last things, thoroughly test and then we’re ready to release! Release formats […]


The Indoor Pub Games Sports World PlayStation®Vita Post-Mortem Our first Vita development experience has been an interesting one. Personally it has financially ruined me; so many months of development all funded by not taking any wages. Developing a Vita engine, along with a fairly large game (it may seem simple but there is a lot […]

Rich’s Software Kit List

  There are hundreds of amazing packages out there, so rather than trying to list them all I have covered the packages I use regularly. As with many other indie developers, I favour lower cost/free options. The good news is that these are incredibly good packages, and in most cases better than more expensive alternatives. […]

Vektor Wars Dev Diary – Part 2

We’ve made some really good progress in recent weeks and understand Unity a lot more now too. So far I’m loving it, in particular the Asset Store, which is an amazing resource. So a quick recap on Vektor Wars – it is a retro vector GFX first person shooter. Visually a homage to the whole […]

Vektor Wars Dev Diary – Part 1

Read Part 2 HERE. About Vektor Wars Vektor Wars is a first-person combat game. Players compete for the global highest scores in a battle of combat skills between the player and the unstoppable enemy forces. Featuring a modern take on vector style graphics, Vektor Wars is a classic arcade shooter where the only things that […]

Life of Pixel – Overview of Version 1.1

This is the first time we have had the opportunity to do a big update to one of our games, and it has been really enjoyable putting it together and revisiting the game to fix a few issues that were present in the initial release. I wanted to take the time to explain the various […]

Life of Pixel Maps

Life of Pixel is tough. We make no apologies for that – but in the interest of making things a little easier we shall start to release map packs showing the full level layouts. So without further ado – we’ll start with the Speccy: