Super Icon was a video-game development studio based in Cornwall, UK.

We made the games we wanted to make, at times going against the grain of current market trends to develop games we loved and hoped that our players enjoyed playing!

Super Icon focused on creating great games with a retro feel – lovingly blending a passion for classic games and systems with an appreciation for modern gameplay flourishes and usability.

We developed games for PlayStation 4 & Vita, PSP, Switch, PC, Wii, WiiU and mobile.

Our blog is dedicated to all things gaming and news, views and information. We will discuss a range of topics which we hope you will enjoy!

We love hearing from people and chatting.

Whether it is to say Hi Or if you would like to consider working with us, we are happy to discuss the possibility of Brand collaborations, guest post opportunities and product reviews. So get In touch today to discuss further!

Please do email us, and we would love to hear from you.


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