Life of Pixel – the BIG Update is here!

It’s ready! Life of Pixel Version 1.1 is out and available to download from Humble. If you have already bought or otherwise own the game, just log-in to your Humble account and download the latest version for PC or Mac.

Here are some of the highlights in the new version:

Current Version 1.1

(AKA The BIG Update!)

– Loads of tweaks and bug fixes
– Pixel has entered the 16-bit era! 3 new machines – SNES, Amiga and Mega Drive.
– Game pad support and control configuration
– Added full controller and keyboard mapping
– New music tracks
– Redesigned menus
– On-screen timer and 2-hit health system added (note: this only applies to hitting enemies)
– Professor Pixel added throughout the game. Use the Action button to talk to him and get useful tips
– Most machines now unlocked from the beginning
– New fruits and special gems added
– More sound fx added

Buy Life of Pixel now, directly from us, at http://www.lifeofpixel.co.uk

Vote YES to Pixel on Steam Greenlight, at http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=290806030

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Nostalgic Tribute to Computer & Video Gaming

Claire has put together the following blog post to give a little more insight into what Life of Pixel is all about…

I wanted to tell you a little more about Life of Pixel and explain why it is worthy of your time. Hope you enjoy reading it; I would love to hear your thoughts.


To say Pixel was just another platform game to add to the many out there would be a huge mistake. This latest instalment is a homage, a real work of passion and fitting tribute to those old machines where gaming began. When we came up with the idea of creating a game which would do justice to the heritage of computer video gaming we embarked on a journey. Not one just about designing another game but one in which we learnt about what passion and love we have for video gaming, how far we have come in the industry. To be able to make a game that allows players of today, of all ages and gender to enjoy and discover where it all began is such a thrilling experience and a privilege.

We wanted to do justice to those eras of gaming – so that not only people who remember playing first time round can enjoy, but so younger generations of players can really experience and discover where it all began. Players will learn that – sure, back then we may not have had the graphics capabilities or the soundtracks, or even the movie like stories of the games of today, but what we had and what we have created in Life of Pixel is a journey – a story of how video games capture, challenge, at times frustrate but always leave you wanting more, so that the experience is an enjoyable one. With Life of Pixel you can pick up and play again and again almost without thinking about it, just enjoying it. This is video gaming at its rawest, at its best, from where it all started. A journey through the many different machines and types of games from the late 70s through to the 90s.


So when you see Life of Pixel and think, oh another platformer, think again! It really isn’t – give it a try and you will discover Life of Pixel is a work of pixel art, a piece of history, where the chip tunes capture your ears, and the gameplay will leave you wanting more – all created with an affection of computer & video games from then until now.

This game is the ultimate platform adventure, pick it up and play today.


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