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Has Working From Home Impacted The Bristol Housing Market?

Within the games industry, there has been a massive shift to working from home. With the ability to complete tasks remotely, the transition has been easy.  Having to work from home has changed what people look for in a real estate property. Some people who do not have office space are now willing to move to a neighbourhood with a lower cost of living and are more likely to buy larger apartments and houses with a space to have a home office. According to BBC News, 70% of people surveyed (YouGov) thought that it’s likely we never return to the office at the same rate as before the pandemic.   People are not tied down to specific geographic locations and are willing to give up their current offices and move to quiet neighbourhoods with a lot of indoor and outdoor space.



As more game companies have a work from home policy, what people look for in a home is changing. Many people are now searching for homes in lower cost of living areas to make improvements. They are also looking for a better environment. In addition, a lower price for the living area will allow you more money to invest in a house. Moreover, they can afford to relocate to a city or town, which may not have been possible if they still worked in the office.



With a rise in working from home, house prices in Bristol are rising at a fast rate. A recent study by Zoopla found that the average cost of a semi-detached property in Bristol was £354,382, up 16% from last year. Terraced properties, which are also popular with home workers, were £323,867 on average. The figures are encouraging, but the future will remain uncertain.

According to the data, Bristol house prices rose 20 per cent last year. The prices of property in Bristol have increased by nearly half in the past decade. However, while costs have gone up in most parts of the country, some local areas have seen a faster increase than others.

In Bristol, UK, House prices rose by an average of £1,000 in March, with the city being the hottest place to live in the UK outside of London. However, the figures show that house prices have only increased six per cent a year despite the recent housing crisis. In contrast, Nairn, Scotland, was the region with the smallest increase in house prices during the same period. However, a study by Rightmove shows that the number of homes selling in Bristol has increased five per cent compared to the same time last year and is projected to rise by another seven per cent by the end of 2021.



With the rise in working from home, house prices are rising, and the number of households moving has increased. As a result, more people choose to work from home, reducing the demand for office space. The increase in the number of workers from home has led to the rise in house prices. It is estimated that one in four workers in the UK now work from home, which drives up house prices. The average salary of these new residents is also growing.

This trend is likely to continue as the UK’s economy grows. Gaming is a great industry to work in, and working from home does have its benefits, but the question is, when working from home and needing more space is, can I afford to move?  Whilst working in the games industry in a sector that is thriving and looks to continue to thrive.  Do you have to ask yourself questions such as how much would my mortgage be if I move up the property ladder? Or how do I calculate the payments? If I need to re-mortgage, what would the increased cost be?  Then the question is, if I stay where I am in case we move back into the office to work, can I make overpayments onto my mortgage, or if you haven’t bought a home yet, what mortgage can I get on my salary?

Working in the games industry has never been more exciting since being on the property ladder or just starting.


Is Online Gaming Good For Relaxation?

Online gaming is a growing trend, and it’s not surprising given the many benefits that it offers. The Internet allows anyone to play games from anywhere, so you can play with friends and family from around the world. The game mechanics are similar to traditional video games, with the added benefit of instant feedback. What’s more, online games are also highly customizable so that you can play with other people from all over the world. You can create your online gaming community if you like.



Free Games

Online gaming has become extremely popular in recent years, with many games being free to download and play. These free games are usually funded by microtransactions, where players can buy items or buy additional items to level up their character. These purchases, however, can add up to a high cost over time, so parents should make sure that their children are supervised while playing. This type of gaming also tends to have more microtransactions, and as such, can be expensive. Free online gaming is coming on in leaps and bounds and is accessible to nearly everyone. The enjoyment of playing them is tremendous. I love games inspired by Classics, like Tetris and Pacman.



The World Health Organization believes that online gaming fosters positive social and psychological benefits. It is no secret that many social and psychological benefits have been attributed to this popular activity. In addition to fostering relationships, these games can also help children develop their communication and community skills. The benefits of playing online games are numerous, and parents should consider these aspects of the culture before making any decisions about their children’s online activities. Just like in real life, online gaming can help kids develop essential skills and develop new relationships.





Although many online gaming sites have safety settings to protect children, this does not apply to every game. Even if a child is safe with strangers, they should still be cautious when chatting with others. It is also essential to talk to children about handling inappropriate behaviour and not giving out personal information. In addition to being careful of the content and language of the games, parents should encourage them to follow their privacy and respect other people’s identities.

Another benefit of playing online games is that they are more enjoyable than any other type of game. 86% of boys report that they are more relaxed and happy after playing a game. In addition to improving their mood and concentration, online games can help them improve their mental health. People you meet in online gaming, these relationships can help them build trust and relationships with other gamers. This can make them more receptive to you.



There are many benefits to online gaming. While it is not as social as face-to-face contact, connecting with other players through shared interests is possible. In addition to enhancing your social life, online gaming proves to be a valuable part of many online communities. For instance, you can meet people from all over the world through online forums. Depending on the game, it can even be a great place to meet new friends.